The Inside Scoop on Fishing the Missouri River Near Kansas City

The Inside Scoop on Fishing the Missouri River Near Kansas City

Kansas City may be landlocked in the traditional sense of the word, but the area is a haven for the “urban” fisherman. Why not check it out for yourself and drop a line in one of the following fishing holes along the Missouri River.


Public Parks Along the Missouri River

The Missouri River is home to a thriving ecosystem, supporting a vast number of game and non-game fish species. These include several species of bass and catfish, bowfin, buffalo, sunfish, drum, sturgeon, pike, and muskellunge.

Some public riverside parks make access to the river easy, even if you don’t own your boat. Kaw Point Park, at the intersection of the Missouri River and the Lewis and Clark Viaduct, houses a boat ramp and boardwalk. Reach this park by taking Levee Road from the Fairfax Trafficway.

The Richard L. Berkley Riverfront Park, together with Riverfront West, make up the largest area of riverfront parkland in the city. Access these parks by taking River Front Road.

Bass Fishing at Lake Jacomo

Named for its location in Jackson County, MO, Lake Jacomo is a freshwater reservoir that first opened to the public in the 1950s. This artificial lake remains one of the best bass fishing locations in the state. Largemouth bass of considerable size is abundant in the spring, as are catfish and crappie. Flathead catfish more than 20 pounds are not uncommon.

To reach Lake Jacomo, take Highway 291 to Woods Chapel Road.

Troost Lake in the City

Great fishing spots, of course, aren’t found just along the river itself. The river’s watershed also feeds an untold number of ponds and lakes, some natural and others man-made. One of the most popular of such areas is Troost Lake. This lake, located in Troost Lake Park at the corner of The Paseo and E 27th Street, is stocked yearly with the choicest catch, including bluegill, catfish, and bass. Nestled in the heart of the city, the park is readily accessible from U.S. Highway 71.

Trout Fishing at James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area

If you’re willing to take a short drive outside of Kansas City, you may encounter the “king of sportfish” – the European trout, also known as the brown trout. This fish is not native to the area but is stocked yearly in the eleven lakes and ponds of the James A. Reed Wildlife Area.

To reach the wildlife area, take U.S. Highway 71 southeast to 1-470 E, US-50 E, and State Highway RA.

Whichever rivers, lakes, ponds, or swampland you plan to explore in and around Kansas City, Missouri, you’ll find that the area offers fishing opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. The variety of species native to and stocked in the area make Kansas City a top shelf fisherman’s retreat throughout the year.

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