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The Missouri River winds for 2,341 miles from Western Montana all the way to St. Louis, Missouri, where it flows into the mighty Mississippi, passing through seven different states along the way. For hundreds of years, the Missouri has served as the lifeblood for the people inhabiting its watershed. For the native peoples, the river provided food and transportation; for modern citizens, water from the river sustains agricultural production and provides drinking water to millions of people living nearby.

It’s no wonder that when early explorers and immigrants first settled in the area, they chose to put down roots close to the life-giving waters of the Missouri. Today, there are many urban areas nestled along the Missouri River banks including Great Falls, Montana; Bismarck, North Dakota; Sioux City, Iowa; Omaha, Nebraska; Kansas City, Missouri; and St. Louis, Missouri. This site is dedicated to conservation efforts along the Missouri River, particularly in these urban districts, where development and pollution can be an issue. Learn more about conservation efforts in your area or volunteer with our education and clean-up efforts.