A Checklist of Things to Do When Moving Into Your First Apartment

A Checklist of Things to Do When Moving Into Your First Apartment

Living in an apartment has its perks, including access to communal facilities, a social community, and no-charge maintenance and repairs. Once you’ve signed the lease to your new apartment, though, you should begin planning your relocation. Performing just a few basic tasks, like these recommended by Cheap Dallas Movers (cheapdallasmovers.net) will make the process easier and less stressful, allowing you to enjoy your new apartment and everything it offers fully.

Review the Lease

Did you read your apartment’s lease agreement before signing it? If you didn’t, you should go back and review it. Apartments have strict rules with which tenants must comply, and failure to follow these rules may result in eviction. You may discover that your apartment prohibits tenants from owning pets, for instance. And considering that nearly half of U.S. households own a dog, this could be problematic. Most apartments also have a clause regarding the breaking of a lease. If you break the lease by moving out before the end of your lease term, you could face a stiff penalty of up to entire month’s rent.


Take Pictures

Statistics show that one in four apartment tenants don’t get back their security deposit. What’s even more shocking, though, is that it’s not always the tenant’s fault. A landlord may claim that a tenant damaged his or her apartment, so they withhold the tenant’s security deposit. To prevent this from happening to you, take pictures of every room in your apartment before moving. If there’s already damage, you want a photo showing that the damage was present before you moved, thereby protecting your security deposit.

Check the Mail

You probably won’t have any meaningful mail immediately after moving into your new apartment, but it’s still a good idea to familiarize yourself with your apartment’s mail system. Most apartments have a community mailbox area with individual slots for each unit’s mail. To access your unit’s mail, you’ll need a key provided by the landlord.

When inspecting your apartment’s mail system, use this opportunity to inquire about package deliveries. If you see another tenant checking their mail, ask them where packages are delivered. Couriers may drop off packages for tenants at the apartment’s front office, or they may leave them at the unit’s front door.

Get Renter’s Insurance

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to purchase renter’s insurance. If your property inside the apartment is damaged or stolen, this policy will reimburse you. According to Landlordology, some landlords even require their tenants to have renter’s insurance. Whether it’s required or not, the nominal cost of renter’s insurance is a smart investment that offers peace of mind knowing that your property is finally protected.

Arrange the Furniture

Once you’ve moved all your furniture into your apartment, movers in Irving TX say you should get your moving company to help arrange it. If your apartment has the same layout as your previous home, you can use the same arrangement. However, you’ll probably discover at least one room that’s shaped or sized differently, in which case you must create a new furniture arrangement.


Moving into a new apartment is an exciting time that marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. And by following these tips, you’ll start this chapter off on the right foot.

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